lundi 24 avril 2023

1000 sons fétiches : sans ordre, sans hiérarchie, comme ça.

872. Luciano Pavarotti. Nessun dorma, Turandot, Puccini.

Le son est ICI

873. Santana. Black Magic Woman. 

Le son est LA

874. Franck Zappa. Black Napkins, live : 1977

Le son est ICI.

875. Elvis Costello. Watching the detectives.

Le son est LA

876. Lee Morgan. Easy Living.

Le son est ICI

877. Eddie Palmieri. La  libertad/comparsa.

La bande-son est ICI

878. Paolo Conte. It's wonderful.

Le son est LA

879. MC Solaar. Bouge de là.

Le son est ICI

880. Theolonious Monk. Round Midnight.

Le son est LA

881. Ravi Shankar. Musique indienne.

Le son est ICI.

882. Simon and Garfunkel. Mrs Robinson.

La bande-annonce est ICI

883. Mstislav Rostropovich. Bach BWV 1007

Le son est LA

884. Fats Domino. Blueberry Hill.

Le son : ICI


885. Michel Corboz. Bach. Messe brève BWV 235.

Le son : LA

(ensemble vocal de Lausanne)

886. Django Reinhardt. Clip. 1945

Le son : ICI

887. Chuck Berry. Johnny Be Good.

Le son est LA.

888. Michael Jackson. Bad (1987)

Le son : ICI

889. Alain Bashung. Vertige de l'amour (1980)

Le son : LA

890. Red Hot Chili Peters. Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1994).

Le son est ICI

891. Lee "Scratch" Perry. Subatomic Sound System.

Le son : LA.

892. Lester Young (Jammin' the blues, 1944)

Le son est ICI.

893. Labelle. Lady Marmelade (Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir ?)

Le son : LA

894. Philip Glass. The catalyst quartet, quatuor à cordes n°3, Mishima VI

895. Jefferson Airplane. Somebody to love (Woodstock).

Le son : LA.

896. Joe Cocker. With a Little help for my Friends.

Le son est LA

897. Elton John. Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Le son : ICI

898. Little Richard. Long Tall Sally.

Le son : ICI


899. Charles Aznavour. Je m'voyais déjà.

Le son : LA

900. Bee Gees. Stayin' Alive.

Le son : LA

901. Claudio Abbado (Berliner Philarmoniker). Requiem de Mozart.

902. Money Mogly. TOP3 & NOT3 beat. Shottie.

Le son est LA

903. Nico + Velvet Underground. Femme fatale.

Le son est ICI.

904. Guesh Patti. Etienne.

Le son est ICI

905. Sarah Vaughan. Misty.

Le son est LA

906. Cream. Sunshine of your Love.

Le son est ICI

907. Nas. Nas Is Like.

Le son est LA

908. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Schubert (Siatoslav Richter au piano)

909. Aretha Franklin. Respect.

Le son est LA (Blues Brothers)

910. Talking Heads. Psycho killer.

Le son est LA

911. Michel Jonasz. Les vacances au bord de la mer.

Le son est ICI

912. Creedence Clearwater Revival. Proud Mary.

Le son est LA

913. Tom Waits. Lie to me.

Le son est ICI

914. Sinead O'Connor. Nothing compares 2U.

Le son est LA

915. Téléphone. Hygiaphone.

Le son est ICI

916. Supertramp. Breakfast in America.

Le son est ICI

917. Charles Mingus. Take the 'A' Train. (Direct, Montreux 1975)

Le son est LA

918. David Oistrakh. Brahms. Concerto pour violon en ré majeur.

919. Cypress Hill. Tiny Desk Concert.

Ecouter le son : ICI

920. Ella Fitzgerald. Lullaby of Birdland.

Le son est ICI

921. Klaus Nomi. Cold Song.

922.  Procol Harum. A White Shade of Pale.

923.  Bob Dylan. Desolation Row.

They'reSelling postcardsOf the hangingThey're paintingThe passports brownThe beauty parlorIs filled with sailorsThe circus is in townHere comesThe blind commissionerThey've got him in a tranceOne hand is tiedTo the tight-rope walkerThe other is in his pantsAnd the riot squadThey're restlessThey need somewhere to goAs LadyAnd I look out tonightFrom Desolation Row
CinderellaShe seems so easy"It takes one to know one"She smilesAnd puts her handsIn her back pocketsBette Davis styleAnd in comes RomeoHe's moaning"You Belong to Me I Believe"And someone says"You're in the wrong placeMy friendYou better leave"And the only sound that's leftAfter the ambulances goIs Cinderella sweeping upOn Desolation Row
Now the moon is almost hiddenThe stars are beginning to hideThe fortunetelling ladyHas even takenAll her things insideAll except for Cain and AbelAnd the hunchback of Notre DameEverybody is making loveOr else expecting rainAnd the Good SamaritanHe's dressingHe's getting readyFor the showHe's goingTo the carnival tonightOn Desolation Row
Now OpheliaShe's 'neath the windowFor her I feel so afraidOn her twenty-second birthdayShe already is an old maid
To her deathIs quite romanticShe wears an iron vestHer profession's her religionHer sin is her lifelessnessAnd though her eyesAre fixed uponNoah's great rainbowShe spends her time peekingInto Desolation Row
EinsteinDisguised as Robin HoodWith his memories in a trunkPassed this way an hour agoWith his friendA jealous monkHe lookedSo immaculately frightfulAs he bummed a cigaretteThen he went offSniffing drainpipesAnd reciting the alphabetNow youWould not thinkTo look at himBut he was famous long agoFor playingThe electric violinOn Desolation Row
Dr. Filth, he keeps his worldInside of a leather cupBut all his sexless patientsThey're trying to blow it upNow his nurse, some local loserShe's in chargeOf the cyanide holeAnd she also keepsThe cards that read"Have Mercy on His Soul"They all playOn penny whistlesYou can hear them blowIf you leanYour head out far enoughFrom Desolation Row
Across the streetThey've nailed the curtainsThey're getting readyFor the feastThe Phantom of the OperaA perfect image of a priestThey're spoon feeding CasanovaTo get him to feel more assuredThen they'll kill himWith self-confidenceAfter poisoning him with words
And the Phantom'sShouting to skinny girls"Get Outta HereIf You Don't KnowCasanova is just beingPunished for goingTo Desolation Row"
Now at midnight all the agentsAnd the superhuman crewCome out and round up everyoneThat knows more than they doThen they bring them to the factoryWhere the heart-attack machineIs strapped across their shouldersAnd then the keroseneIs brought down from the castlesBy insurance men who goCheck to seeThat nobody is escapingTo Desolation Row
Praise be to Nero's NeptuneThe Titanic sails at dawnAnd everybody's shouting"Which Side Are You On?"And Ezra Pound and T. S. EliotFighting in the captain's towerWhile calypso singers laugh at themAnd fishermen hold flowersBetween the windows of the seaWhere lovely mermaids flowAnd nobody has to think too muchAbout Desolation Row
Yes,I received your letter yesterday(About the time the door knob broke)When you asked how I was doingWas that some kind of joke?All these people that you mentionYes, I know them, they're quite lameI had to rearrange their facesAnd give them all another nameRight now I can't read too goodDon't send me no more letters noNot unless you mail themFrom Desolation Row

924. Barbara. Dis, quand reviendras-tu ?

925. Rory Callagher. Shadow Play.

926. Sonny Rollins. St. Patrick.

927. Suzanne Vega. Luka. 

928. Nina Simone. I Wish I Knew.

929. Karine Deshayes. Voi che sapete, Les Noces de Figaro, Mozart.

930. Adriano Celentano. Svalutation.

931. Deep Purple. Speed King.

932. Charlélie Couture. Comme un avion sans ailes.

933. Otis Redding. The dock of the Bay.

934. Sam Myers. I Got The Blues.

935. Marta Argerich. Chopin : Polonaise héroïque.

936. Bob Marley. Could You Be Loved.

937. Lou Reed. Walk on the wild side.

938. Jacques Brel. Amsterdam.

939. Suzan Tedeschi. Yes we Will.

940. The Rolling Stones. Sympathy for the devil.

941. Mobb Deep (NYC). Rare Species.

942. Johnny Winter. Suzie Q.

943. Sabine Devieilhe et Mariane Crebassa. Léo Delibes. Le duo des fleurs.

944. Meat Loaf. Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

945. Dick Annegarn. Bruxelles (1974)

946. Don Cherry & Gato Barbieri. Complete communion (1966)

947. Prince. Purple Rain. 

948. Nena. 99 Luftballons.

949. Mike Oldfield. Moonlight Shadow.

950. Josef Palenicek. Sur un sentier recouvert (Janacek)

951. Snoop Dogg. CEO (West Coast)

952. The Beach boys. Good Vibrations.

953. Manu Dibango. Soul Makossa.

954. Stéphane Eicher. Déjeuner en paix (1991).

955. Led Zeppelin. Whole Lotta Love.

956. Charles Trenet. Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?

957. James Brown. Sex Machine.

958. Astrud Gilberto. The girl from Ipanema.

(Astrud Gilberto est morte ce jour le 6 juin 2023)

959. Ellis Regina et Tom Jobim. Aguas de Março (1974)

960. Charlie Parker. The Bird (1947).

961. Alexandre Lagoya. Granada (Albeniz)

962. Howlin' Wolf. Smokestack Lightning.

963. Yves Simon. Au pays des merveilles et de Juliet. 

964. Jay-Z. Izzo (H.O.V.A.).

965. Samson François. Chopin : Polonaise héroïque.

966. Jeff Beck et Billy Gibbons. Foxy Lady.

967. Françoise Hardy. Message personnel.

968. Joao Gilberto. Desafinado. Deralice.

969. Led Zeppelin. Whole Lotta Love.

970. Big Bill Broonzy. Back water blues.

971. NTM. Laisse pas traîner ton fils.

972. Claudio Arrau. Liszt : Années de pèlerinage : Jeux d'eau à la villa d'Este.

973. The Kinks. Sunny afternoon (1966)

974. Nathalie Dessay. Mozart (La reine de la nuit).

975. Metallica. Enter Sandman.

976. Rita Mitsouko. Marcia Baila.

977. Massive Attack. Live with me.

978. Duke Ellington Cotton Club Orchestra. Echoes of the jungle (1931)

979. John Lee Hooker. Boom Boom.

980. Bad religion. Infected.

981. Léo Ferré. Avec le temps.

982. Arleen Auger (Mozart, Et incarnatus est).

983. Buddy Guy - I'am your Hoochie Coochie Man.

Le son est ICI

984. Eminem - Lose Yourself (2002)

Le son : LA.

985. Bob Dylan. Subterranean Homesick Blues.

Le son est LA

 (avec Ginsberg à gauche)

986. Ten Years After. Alvin Lee. 

Alvin Lee- Guitar, Chick Churchill - Keyboards, Leo Lyons- Bass, Ric Lee- Drums.

987. Jimmy Hendrix. Purple haze.

988. Georges Brassens : le gorille.

989. Nicolaï Lugansky : Rachmaninov (Préludes)

990. John Coltrane Quartet. Impressions.

Le son est ICI.

John Coltrane (sax), Elvin Jones (percussion), McCoy Tiner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (basse) 

991. Rakim - (Long Island).

Le son est ICI

992. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Almost cut my hair

Le son est ICI

993. Champion Jack Dupree

Le son est ICI

994. Guns n'roses - Knockin'on Heaven's door

Le son est LA

995. Charlebois - Ordinaire

Le son est LA


996. Beethoven. Claudio Arrau. Sonate N° 23, Appassionata

997. The Beatles. A Hard Day's Night (1964)

Le son est ICI

Le son : LA

998. Miles Davis - So What (1959)

Le son  : LA

John Coltrane (sax), Jimmy Cobb (batterie), Wynton Kelly (piano), Paul Chambers (basse) et Miles Davis (trompette) - 1961

999. Gang Starr - Full Clip (1999)

Le son : LA

1000. Portishead - Glory Box - Beth Gibbons (1984).

ICI pour le live